Empowerment, Dignity and Understanding (E-D-U) Ending Crime

An alternative in presenting this idea: Empowered/Educated And Dignified, Understanding People (‘EAD UP) To End Crime  ​ You’ll see National Geographic is compiling the genetic information for human genomic research. I, personally, believe we do not know enough about ourselves as humans yet to refuse to contribute “our information” to such a project. I, also, am certain, not everyone agrees with me. There are trust deficits aplenty for … Continue reading Empowerment, Dignity and Understanding (E-D-U) Ending Crime

“Find the people. Hit the books.”

The State of New York today launched a new program to build NY’s agricultural economy and the bridges between downstate and upstate New York. Please, leaders of states and regions-  if you think this sort of effort could succeed where you are- read this report. LINK: http://www.agriculture.ny.gov/FHTF_report_FINAL.pdf The report does not only outline plans of action before and after this program’s creation; inside, you can find the survey … Continue reading “Find the people. Hit the books.”

Respect For Women 1: Appreciation Of The Sanctity of Our Growing Forms

​​ Click here to link to the abstract: Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B Ladies and gentleman, i have been convicted of a violent felony in the State of New York for attempted assault against the married woman I was dating and living off of at the time in Harlem. I completed five years probation with NYSDOP on November 6th 2010. I now see the … Continue reading Respect For Women 1: Appreciation Of The Sanctity of Our Growing Forms

Covering Our Ass

This will not be a post about how to evade, avoid or put off accountability or (J)justice. FYI This post is about cancer.  Prostate cancer is the 2nd most prevalent form among American men. Colorectal cancer is the 3rd most prevalent, for both American men and American women. (In good news, most forms of cancer are dropping in incidence. FULL REPORT: The American Cancer Society’s … Continue reading Covering Our Ass

Doing the Math by Siouxsie Q

“We live in a capitalist society, where everything is assigned value. But the way our society values women just doesn’t add up.” From the current SF Weekly cover story,   50 Shades of Green By Siouxsie Q.  Please visit TheSiouxsieQExperience.com    Financial Domination word problems (I know, math is the worst.) 1. If one woman has sex and receives $1,000, and another woman has sex … Continue reading Doing the Math by Siouxsie Q

Studying Our Successes

Full of programs and approaches that work. 800 weeks, a figure mentioned by OECD’s head. 800 weeks to eradicate global poverty. This is exactly what political will is for, issues like the crime of poverty… Development Cooperation Report OECD 2015 Continue reading Studying Our Successes

Connecting the Dots: From the U.N.’s Work with Small Island Developing States

UPDATE: 11 December 2015 SIDS Sustainable Development Framework released- Small Island implementation plan for SD Goals create a steering committee and annual accountability meeting, among other actions https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/?page=view&nr=1009&type=230&menu=2059 Social development in SIDS, Health and NCDs, Youth and Women 2 September, 15:00–18:00 Social development is a driving force for sustainable development and calls for a social capital framework based on community trust, social justice, social inclusion, … Continue reading Connecting the Dots: From the U.N.’s Work with Small Island Developing States