International Collaborative Enterprises 2: “Clean Oceans Again”

Hello again. Here is a report i wrote, developing an idea you may have found out of here on, a post from July 2016, “International Collaborative Enterprises”. There are 2 minor redactions: a joke in really pretty poor taste given the issue up for discussion, and the word “exactly”, so as not to endorse a product I don’t know very well. My meaning with … Continue reading International Collaborative Enterprises 2: “Clean Oceans Again”

Deciding We Are Worth It

The prompt: PERSONAL STATEMENT: In 500-700 words, please describe what qualifications you have that makes you deserving of this scholarship. Also, please tell us about your current AND future academic, career, and personal goals. From a scholarship app I completed tonight.  My response- Over 5 years ago, I found myself across the country from my Brooklyn hood, in San Francisco, California. I didn’t have the … Continue reading Deciding We Are Worth It

“Find the people. Hit the books.”

The State of New York today launched a new program to build NY’s agricultural economy and the bridges between downstate and upstate New York. Please, leaders of states and regions-  if you think this sort of effort could succeed where you are- read this report. LINK: The report does not only outline plans of action before and after this program’s creation; inside, you can find the survey … Continue reading “Find the people. Hit the books.”

The Roof Is The New Garage

I responded to a survey from SEMICON West. One of their questions was if I would recommend it (I rated likelihood a 10.) What I wrote: Tremendous amount to learn and money to save. I think the roof is the new garage. Families – dads & moms and their little ones – will be collaborating on energy solutions AND transport solutions, based on what I … Continue reading The Roof Is The New Garage

International Collaborative Enterprises

An article I red [Ed.: preferred spelling] on September 8th, 2015 suggested ocean waste was collecting in a single oceanic phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Trash Swirl @ AP September 8th 2015 But If The date is also the 5-year anniversary of my recording and publishing “SHINE001”. ON THE PACIFIC TRASH SWIRL I saw articles from, The Daily Mail and the Seattle Times … Continue reading International Collaborative Enterprises

Residing Fully In Your Power 1

A flyer with all types of starting-up-solar service providers and tools. From SEMI and Intersolar’s SEMICON WEST event.  As far as I can tell, this is an area where the technology is NOT final. I saw 4 or 5 different approaches to converting (in their field, “inverting”) the Sun’s light to usable energy. Among them was one that looked how servers still look sometimes: in … Continue reading Residing Fully In Your Power 1

What? N.O. Part II

Originally posted on Danewze:
Lots of our budget problems are locked in, principal light AND long term. Terrible agreements reached in a more chummy time, obviously. We need our budgets written right, right now. We need NO open-amount government contracts. All of these must be renegotiated to determine the sustainability of the produced good or offered service, and to examine the real tenability of the… Continue reading What? N.O. Part II