Finding Friends For Friends

I went by an #EarthDay2016 celebration held at Scoot Networks HQ on Howard Street today. Smitten Ice Cream brought their lemon gingersnap, chocolate, cookie dough and mint chip flavors. No Worries Vegan served food. The pansit tasted ocean water boiled – intense idea, enit? Yelp check-in Earth Day 2016 Scoot Networks on #Yelp: @noworriesvegan @smittenicecream sharing food. The noodles taste cooked in ocean water; b… … Continue reading Finding Friends For Friends

Parts of How Winter 2016: The Process

Today, April 4th 2016 Japantown Peace Plaza      Geary Street Traffic Island             A Viewing of the “Parts of How Winter 2016” panel – Fillmore Street   March 20th 2016       March 22nd 2016   Parts of How Header   posted 032216 at April 3rd 2016     6 PM          10 pm I used stirrers to avoid damaging the brush … Continue reading Parts of How Winter 2016: The Process