An Open Society Sharing Resources

In a paid feedback survey yesterday with Public Voice SF ( ), we looked at a build of the SF Business Portal. This model online software would keep a government folder of all the different business licenses someone: Driving an Uber or Lyft or Flywheel or indie-owned taxi,  airBnB-renting a spare room,  delivering with Postmates,  waiting tables,  doing product demos, selling the good parts … Continue reading An Open Society Sharing Resources

Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder (Cleaning Up 3)

From a message I wrote today to Don Ramón: ” If i was gonna be POTUS, i would have created a job title to TRAIN and MAINTAIN a “Internet Sexual Content Reviewer”. Not just use technology to recognize & alert off ANY type of upload, especially Mobile, but start going through ALL OF IT, flagging the tapes or still images for consent or health ?s. … Continue reading Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder (Cleaning Up 3)

Empowerment, Dignity and Understanding (E-D-U) Ending Crime

An alternative in presenting this idea: Empowered/Educated And Dignified, Understanding People (‘EAD UP) To End Crime  ​ You’ll see National Geographic is compiling the genetic information for human genomic research. I, personally, believe we do not know enough about ourselves as humans yet to refuse to contribute “our information” to such a project. I, also, am certain, not everyone agrees with me. There are trust deficits aplenty for … Continue reading Empowerment, Dignity and Understanding (E-D-U) Ending Crime

#ConfrontingTheFact: We Sell Our Own Bodies Sometimes To Survive in America

This is a major issue, and connected to everything from the quality of education to the serious consideration of our worth as people in this nation. And in other people’s lands. As men and fathers, we need to acknowledge that American society really might be better off if no one’s daughter or son were selling their body for sex here. That there’s a great deal we … Continue reading #ConfrontingTheFact: We Sell Our Own Bodies Sometimes To Survive in America

Creating The Conditions For a “Newer, Better” “Normal”

​​ Images: Organic heirloom tomatoes at Berkeley Bowl on Oregon Street. Berkeley, California. October 9th 2016 by U.S., Alberto Rivera, for Parts Of How and Allthentic Records.    ” Newer, Better “ is a Carlito’s Way reference.  It is what it is. Continue reading Creating The Conditions For a “Newer, Better” “Normal”

Deciding We Are Worth It

The prompt: PERSONAL STATEMENT: In 500-700 words, please describe what qualifications you have that makes you deserving of this scholarship. Also, please tell us about your current AND future academic, career, and personal goals. From a scholarship app I completed tonight.  My response- Over 5 years ago, I found myself across the country from my Brooklyn hood, in San Francisco, California. I didn’t have the … Continue reading Deciding We Are Worth It

We Will End Homelessness Here

In August 2007 (Black August), I began a blog entitled Everything Is Hip Hop. I launched it with a post on graff, ” I bomb graffiti on the tomb of Nefertiti “. The line is a lyric from the popular Lauryn Hill song “Everything is Everything“. I extended her image as the same fate, ultimately, of the modern citizen in this modern world. Certainly, Americans; … Continue reading We Will End Homelessness Here

Covering Our Ass

This will not be a post about how to evade, avoid or put off accountability or (J)justice. FYI This post is about cancer.  Prostate cancer is the 2nd most prevalent form among American men. Colorectal cancer is the 3rd most prevalent, for both American men and American women. (In good news, most forms of cancer are dropping in incidence. FULL REPORT: The American Cancer Society’s … Continue reading Covering Our Ass

Residing Fully In Your Power 1

A flyer with all types of starting-up-solar service providers and tools. From SEMI and Intersolar’s SEMICON WEST event.  As far as I can tell, this is an area where the technology is NOT final. I saw 4 or 5 different approaches to converting (in their field, “inverting”) the Sun’s light to usable energy. Among them was one that looked how servers still look sometimes: in … Continue reading Residing Fully In Your Power 1