#ConfrontingTheFact: We Sell Our Own Bodies Sometimes To Survive in America

This is a major issue, and connected to everything from the quality of education to the serious consideration of our worth as people in this nation. And in other people’s lands.

As men and fathers, we need to acknowledge that American society really might be better off if no one’s daughter or son were selling their body for sex here. That there’s a great deal we hide from each other related to sex; that there’s a lot relieved, learned & taught as it (the sex trade in its forms, film incl.) exists in America today. 

The way I understand The Netherlands’ policy, testing and siting regulations create a safe environment for a local (and tourist) sex economy comanaged cocreated and corequested by both genders in the community.

Not really, though.

Understand, men of America, that’s not what my research is showing. Prostitution, according to admittedly cursory research at Wikipedia, has been going on there for 100s of years – but it wasn’t everyone’s decision. Personally, I don’t see it as an example to follow.

Honestly, we need to find out from women and men here if this is a valid way for someone to earn a living, not personally or “up ’til now”, but moving forward from today as something people are doing with their time….

  • Is it fair to leave out there as a road for people?
  • How  do people show up at this door on the road to a career?
  • How do we avoid the same carnage and cost in our adults, the costs we now know we cannot accept as outcomes from careers in the NFL, or policework, or a warmongering military? (btw, stuff people also all love to do, too)

Hoping to get to work on our long term solutions for this issue and others soon. Let’s do it.

While -or if- you’re thinking about this, remember how you are part of a family of women and men who were children once, with hopes for themselves.

One love,

U.S., Alberto Rivera

October 22 2016

San Francisco, California

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