An Open Society Sharing Resources

In a paid feedback survey yesterday with Public Voice SF ( ), we looked at a build of the SF Business Portal. This model online software would keep a government folder of all the different business licenses someone: Driving an Uber or Lyft or Flywheel or indie-owned taxi,  airBnB-renting a spare room,  delivering with Postmates,  waiting tables,  doing product demos, selling the good parts … Continue reading An Open Society Sharing Resources

Idea: Use and Sell Mortgage-Backed Securities to Protect, Ensure & Secure ROI (Return On Investment)

What I’m suggesting is like selling an insulated investment. A mortgage-backed security investing in small borrower instabilities could simultaneously scale down defaults with the instrument  AND over time in the borrower pool…. Peace. Emeryville, California February 10th 2017 P.S. I hope everyone’s Black History Month is going well…. ​​ Continue reading Idea: Use and Sell Mortgage-Backed Securities to Protect, Ensure & Secure ROI (Return On Investment)

Empowerment, Dignity and Understanding (E-D-U) Ending Crime

An alternative in presenting this idea: Empowered/Educated And Dignified, Understanding People (‘EAD UP) To End Crime  ​ You’ll see National Geographic is compiling the genetic information for human genomic research. I, personally, believe we do not know enough about ourselves as humans yet to refuse to contribute “our information” to such a project. I, also, am certain, not everyone agrees with me. There are trust deficits aplenty for … Continue reading Empowerment, Dignity and Understanding (E-D-U) Ending Crime

“Find the people. Hit the books.”

The State of New York today launched a new program to build NY’s agricultural economy and the bridges between downstate and upstate New York. Please, leaders of states and regions-  if you think this sort of effort could succeed where you are- read this report. LINK: The report does not only outline plans of action before and after this program’s creation; inside, you can find the survey … Continue reading “Find the people. Hit the books.”

Residing Fully In Your Power 1

A flyer with all types of starting-up-solar service providers and tools. From SEMI and Intersolar’s SEMICON WEST event.  As far as I can tell, this is an area where the technology is NOT final. I saw 4 or 5 different approaches to converting (in their field, “inverting”) the Sun’s light to usable energy. Among them was one that looked how servers still look sometimes: in … Continue reading Residing Fully In Your Power 1

Cleaning Up 2

I like to do the neighborhood clean ups local parks and pot clubs do. One is put together by Waterfall Wellness – on Ocean Avenue.  It’s kind of a cool way to spend time. Also a really low-cost way to keep your whole damn neighborhood clean. One lounge in the Mission District, Bernal Heights Collective, has a real regular crew. I think sponsoring clean ups … Continue reading Cleaning Up 2

Reading Good…

…and even “Great!!!” Books- pretty sure the Holy Bible is on that list- if it ain’t, that’s what I be talking about.  The Holy Q’uran, it would follow logically, will also be on that list when I check it now? “[…]evil[…]: wealth hoarded to the harm of its owners[. …] When they have children there is nothing to inherit — Alberto Rivera (@h2Onotflammable) January 18, … Continue reading Reading Good…