Empowerment, Dignity and Understanding (E-D-U) Ending Crime

An alternative in presenting this idea:

Empowered/Educated And Dignified, Understanding People (‘EAD UP) To End Crime 

You’ll see National Geographic is compiling the genetic information for human genomic research. I, personally, believe we do not know enough about ourselves as humans yet to refuse to contribute “our information” to such a project. I, also, am certain, not everyone agrees with me. There are trust deficits aplenty for us to reframe. With each other, by and with God’s Grace. 

More on the GENO kit I reference. Photos – clickable – link to mobile NatGeo shop. Mobile and desktop links below photos:


Desktop Link: https://shop.nationalgeographic.com/product/genographic-2.0-kits/geno-2.0-next-generation-genographic-project-participation-and-dna-ancestry-kit

Mobile Link: https://mshop.nationalgeographic.com/product/genographic-2.0-kits/geno-2.0-next-generation-genographic-project-participation-and-dna-ancestry-kit;jsessionid=9LiTYXN9APXMrst_xVKC8KKQ3WQDW1hPh6ZUtqoJJa0xm8_AwrP-!1332089736?mobile

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