Covering Our Ass

This will not be a post about how to evade, avoid or put off accountability or (J)justice. FYI This post is about cancer.  Prostate cancer is the 2nd most prevalent form among American men. Colorectal cancer is the 3rd most prevalent, for both American men and American women. (In good news, most forms of cancer are dropping in incidence. FULL REPORT: The American Cancer Society’s … Continue reading Covering Our Ass

pH and Human Diet

The last tile contains a piece of research science which we have failed to apply for our benefit. The book I “cite” is the same Natural Healing book sold via infomercial by one named Trudeau. ” And you know there’s a book called Sharks don’t Get Cancer ? Somebody read that shit, gimme the answer! Shee, I’m dying to know ” – Liberation (It Means … Continue reading pH and Human Diet