Covering Our Ass

This will not be a post about how to evade, avoid or put off accountability or (J)justice. FYI

This post is about cancer. 

Prostate cancer is the 2nd most prevalent form among American men. Colorectal cancer is the 3rd most prevalent, for both American men and American women. (In good news, most forms of cancer are dropping in incidence. FULL REPORT: The American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts & Figures 2016

I have joked publicly about how, despite the quality education I received growing up in New York, we were never taught how to sit properly. Sometimes, I’d be on the train or bus and realize my ass cheeks were all spread out, with my butthole all on my underwear (or jeans, if I was going commando that day).

I think our butt cheeks are there for a reason – no?

Beyond that, has anyone used toilet paper – and then checked the toilet paper’s work? Often – especially among males who may have hair there – the TP leaves lint pills of paper and waste in that extremely sensitive area.

I consider it a true health hazard, and a part of our lives we do not pay enough attention to. There has been a severe lack of imagination and innovation in dealing with colorectal health and the cleanliness of our digestive tracts. 

Adults have not even shared knowledge on the best way to teach the young. Unfortunately, America’s battle with homophobia has likely played a role in our willful ignorance on such an important matter. Far too many cannot stand the smell coming from their own ass, let alone touch it outside of the shower. We have to create health with good habits and the best knowhow, and we must stop being scared of shit.


  • Many who have traveled to Iberia (Spain, Portugal, the Basque region) have seen or used a bidet. This could be a useful piece of restroom hardware to research. 
  • We need better approaches to the manufacturing of toilet paper. Period.
  • We need a healthier physical and psychological relationship to our bodies and their processes.
  • There should be a Parenting channel on television, educating and continuing the education of people who care for children. 
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