Respect For Women 1: Appreciation Of The Sanctity of Our Growing Forms

Click here to link to the abstract: Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B

Ladies and gentleman, i have been convicted of a violent felony in the State of New York for attempted assault against the married woman I was dating and living off of at the time in Harlem. I completed five years probation with NYSDOP on November 6th 2010. I now see the relationship as part of a teaching episode from my extended family, and a personal failure to love and appreciate another enough. I know violence toward women emperils our entire way of life, and endangers a child’s development. 

Among other lessons:

  1. There’s no wins in violence to women.
  2. Don’t go after married women.
  3. A bad love relationship is one which easily runs the risk of turning hurtful. Often out of hurt feelings, the bottom dropped out of how I treated our relationship, or our bed, or our time together- or her.
  4. Know how you want to treat people. Sure, don’t put women on a false pedestal. Don’t do it about older people, or about your kinks (read: sexual) or your politics- or your mind.
  5. Don’t give up.

I remain convinced of the wisdom in nonviolence & education; and in the application of scientific discoveries to those wise aims.
Stay tuned for an update after the election if I am not offered a job with a real impactful role working on our public life and health development.

We need to be armed with the information – and with the respect for the physical and female form – to teach and lead with grounds and speed on this issue abroad and at home.

God help us all.

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