Repurposing Prison Facilities Together

www_Source: Michael W. Flamm for OSU Origins, [ LINK: ] One day, all this will be demolished! – We make each other promise! – Actually, “Mi Guayabera” The finality to closing and finally repurposing land and facilities where we kept each other in chains is so full of cathartic potential- I don’t think communities should rush to outsource the demolition work. Triple “Of course.”, … Continue reading Repurposing Prison Facilities Together

International Collaborative Enterprises 2: “Clean Oceans Again”

Hello again. Here is a report i wrote, developing an idea you may have found out of here on, a post from July 2016, “International Collaborative Enterprises”. There are 2 minor redactions: a joke in really pretty poor taste given the issue up for discussion, and the word “exactly”, so as not to endorse a product I don’t know very well. My meaning with … Continue reading International Collaborative Enterprises 2: “Clean Oceans Again”