Repurposing Prison Facilities Together

www_Source: Michael W. Flamm for OSU Origins, [ LINK: ]

One day, all this will be demolished! –

We make each other promise!

Actually, “Mi Guayabera”

The finality to closing and finally repurposing land and facilities where we kept each other in chains is so full of cathartic potential-

I don’t think communities should rush to outsource the demolition work.

Triple “Of course.”, such work has to be done safely. So though it needs to be safe, it need not be exclusive.

Consider the fact that it’s a way to allocate funds to the community. If you are all project-based workers, then you can logically collect a check for demo work on the walls. Together. (All the cooks who prepared meals, only to get a call saying your C/O spouse had to do OT) [ Ed.: C/O= Corrections Officer , OT= OverTime ]

In an even smarter scenario, you can hire everyone, start the checks going AND kill the clock on any deadline. Then, a town which may have had a prison economy… well, still has a prison economy with 100% retention of the locals as employees. It becomes a prison project economy.

It’s an idea…

In full disclosure, I must add I attended the City College of San Francisco and Laney College – on Phelan Avenue and Fallon Street, respectively. The prisons/prison-economies problem, however, does not seem AT ALL to me to be something dramatized or untrue.

Much love.

Happy new year.

All the best of beginnings to us in 2018-

Alberto Rivera, The U.S.


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