Organize (Arrange)

Here in Oakland, a legal framework for the local interest and growth in Cannabusiness went on the books in 2004. Arriving 8 years after the passage of the Compassionate Care Act (1996), passage of Measure Z by electorate vote eased the conflict between local law enforcement and medical marijuana providers (startups, by the way). First-time employers in the cannabis field will really benefit from reading Debby Goldsberry‘s … Continue reading Organize (Arrange)

An Open Society Sharing Resources

In a paid feedback survey yesterday with Public Voice SF ( ), we looked at a build of the SF Business Portal. This model online software would keep a government folder of all the different business licenses someone: Driving an Uber or Lyft or Flywheel or indie-owned taxi,  airBnB-renting a spare room,  delivering with Postmates,  waiting tables,  doing product demos, selling the good parts … Continue reading An Open Society Sharing Resources

Creating The Conditions For a “Newer, Better” “Normal”

​​ Images: Organic heirloom tomatoes at Berkeley Bowl on Oregon Street. Berkeley, California. October 9th 2016 by U.S., Alberto Rivera, for Parts Of How and Allthentic Records.    ” Newer, Better “ is a Carlito’s Way reference.  It is what it is. Continue reading Creating The Conditions For a “Newer, Better” “Normal”

Meditaciones en La Mujer

Georjah On My Mind Georjah On My Mind (Detail) “The Vagina Is A Natural Guide/Aid To Countering Abuse.” – 2016 An album of photography I sent around yesterday, Flores y Más: Viene verano (Summer is coming): New poetry – escrito 9 de mayo 2016. By U.S., Alberto Rivera for Parts of How and Allthentic Records. and 2 business endeavors I believe may be lucrative … Continue reading Meditaciones en La Mujer

Finding Friends For Friends

I went by an #EarthDay2016 celebration held at Scoot Networks HQ on Howard Street today. Smitten Ice Cream brought their lemon gingersnap, chocolate, cookie dough and mint chip flavors. No Worries Vegan served food. The pansit tasted ocean water boiled – intense idea, enit? Yelp check-in Earth Day 2016 Scoot Networks on #Yelp: @noworriesvegan @smittenicecream sharing food. The noodles taste cooked in ocean water; b… … Continue reading Finding Friends For Friends