Meditaciones en La Mujer

Georjah On My Mind
Georjah On My Mind (Detail)

“The Vagina Is A Natural Guide/Aid To Countering Abuse.” – 2016

  • Viene verano (Summer is coming):

  • New poetry – escrito 9 de mayo 2016. By U.S., Alberto Rivera for Parts of How and Allthentic Records.


2 business endeavors I believe may be lucrative for some women or group of women

  1. From the curved lines in “The Vagina is a Natural Aid/Guide to Countering Abuse.”, doing a species map of all the birds in the world, with stacked beaks in profile, like a cascade
  2. A massage therapy organization which employs full chested and large (big bodied) women for therapy with breast tissue therapy on the skin

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