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In a paid feedback survey yesterday with Public Voice SF ( ), we looked at a build of the SF Business Portal. This model online software would keep a government folder of all the different business licenses someone:

Driving an Uber or Lyft or Flywheel or indie-owned taxi, 

airBnB-renting a spare room, 

delivering with Postmates, 

waiting tables, 

doing product demos,

selling the good parts of the yield from cannabis home grows…..

would need to be without worry while working it out.

Probably great for places with high numbers of people living from fragmented income streams.

A comprehensive way of ensuring needs [ALL NEEDS!] are met for citizens and families stitching different checks together MATTERS. Companies like Uber and AirBnB are forced to examine the resulting social health of their business model down the road to exist; success makes their responsibility to continue to provide answers essential. Leading companies must dedicate sustained investment to their workforce – even in the free and open arrangements common today. 

Sharing the “YES” folder from my work with a digital SLR camera (images copyrighted). Thanks again, Professor Joan Bobkoff of the Photography Department at Laney College. 

Here’s the link, and a few from the set:


Flickr link:

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