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An article I red [Ed.: preferred spelling] on September 8th, 2015 suggested ocean waste was collecting in a single oceanic phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Trash Swirl
@ AP September 8th 2015
But If
The date is also the 5-year anniversary of my recording and publishing “SHINE001”.

I saw articles from, The Daily Mail and the Seattle Times searching “Pacific trash swirl”. It is a product of the North Pacific gyre.


I have presented this idea to others thru diverse channels….
It should be possible to skim the surface of these sea events and clean our oceans up some. Like lifeguards at a pool.

This is a huge opportunity. As I mentioned to a fellow train rider, it could be planned and documented as a global television media production. The opportunities could be amazing for all of us.

Imagine journalists and crews creating programming for viewers around the world on the intrepid global intitiative to clean the Earth’s largest bodies of water – oceans – together.

It even creates a common language for intercultural & international development. Tesla or Coopers Lybrandt can be the Woody Harrelson & Kirstie Alley of these enterprises (see “Cheers”): not just as a potential story arc for a region or field, but as a way to spin off training films and industry-sensitive materials for our neighbors building infrastructure for water

or energy

or education.

We can teach best practices and regulatory protocols with programming. In fact, this sort of project could be a perfect pivot for continuing adult education & training.

Adults learning new jobs could conceivably continue their training at home with TV shows at night. If the job is important enough to everybody, and interesting enough to the worker and locale, the steep learning curves to properly perform specialized labor can come down.

Could you imagine if anyone fell in love – even under stage lights?

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