Residing Fully In Your Power 1

A flyer with all types of starting-up-solar service providers and tools. From SEMI and Intersolar’s SEMICON WEST event. 
As far as I can tell, this is an area where the technology is NOT final. I saw 4 or 5 different approaches to converting (in their field, “inverting”) the Sun’s light to usable energy. Among them was one that looked how servers still look sometimes: in a rack with components stacked and hand-wired. (And MANY different vendors.) This indicates – to me – that the degree of involvement on the part of the solar rig buyer is very flexible. Also A LOT of metric devices (meters, outlet readers) on sale – even 1-box kits with plugs to gauge your appliance’s use…

There is also a WHOLE BUNCH of innovation with Hydrogen solutions. Any companies with big waste concerns should be analyzing their garbage with (scientists, first of all, but) an eye on what waste might have value. 
More to come (God willing, of course)….

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