Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder (Cleaning Up 3)

From a message I wrote today to Don Ramón:

” If i was gonna be POTUS, i would have created a job title to TRAIN and MAINTAIN a “Internet Sexual Content Reviewer”. Not just use technology to recognize & alert off ANY type of upload, especially Mobile, but start going through ALL OF IT, flagging the tapes or still images for consent or health ?s. Then, flagged tapes would go to investigators to speak to all parties involved, including camerapeople- and definitely deed holder. Deed holder, EVEN if it’s just notification…. ”
The part I left out is how creating work like this can elevate – if we do it sensibly and together – awareness and, honestly, our treatment of each other as

  • singles
  • couples and
  • modern families.

It could really elevate our singles scene, and our credibility as we move on the international  stage.

A lot of us went thru higher education, and still we’ve had no idea how to be good to/with each other. I allude to as much in “Wrong”:

I love you to death

I love you a mess

I love you like

I love burning cigarettes

I love you like the preacher

I love you like Teresa

I love you like a D cup

It’s nice to meetcha 

But I don’t know how

To try to treat ya

Or how to touch those timeless features…”

Link to Buy: On Amazon
Gonna go cut-and-paste again here… sincerely wishing you all the best….

Image: “MLK Jr. Quote 1” by Alberto Rivera for Parts Of How and Allthentic Records. December 20th 2016.

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