“Find the people. Hit the books.”

The State of New York today launched a new program to build NY’s agricultural economy and the bridges between downstate and upstate New York.

Please, leaders of states and regions- 

if you think this sort of effort could succeed where you are-

read this report.

LINK: http://www.agriculture.ny.gov/FHTF_report_FINAL.pdf

The report does not only outline plans of action before and after this program’s creation; inside, you can find the survey questions used in interviews conducted with farmers, Agri buyers and restaurateurs to define the local need there.

Part of this plan, a regional food hub in the South Bronx, will create 100 (95+5 , it looks like) permanent jobs and 150 construction jobs in the world-renowned, yet historically unserved birthplace of Hip Hop. At 120,000 square feet, the place is slated to be bigger than some Costcos.

Below is a video released by the Governor’s office to promote the food certification portion of this ambitious, pioneering plan.

Before that, the signing ceremony speeches are full of jewels on executing collaborative work and the potential of responsible and good governance to meld movements and marketplaces. I love Governor Cuomo’s speeches (people have said that forever).

God bless you, New York. God bless the South Bronx. 

New York State Grown and Certified

‘Find the people. Hit the books.’

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