Parts of How Winter 2016: The Process

Today, April 4th 2016

Japantown Peace Plaza


Geary Street Traffic Island





A Viewing of the “Parts of How Winter 2016” panel – Fillmore Street

March 20th 2016


March 22nd 2016
   Parts of How Header


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April 3rd 2016

6 PM

10 pm

I used stirrers to avoid damaging the brush edge; there is sugar from café con leche mixed in with the paint. It creates a glossy finish. 

April 4th 2016


Got a brush from Maidō in the Peace Plaza Mall. With a backup, my concerns about the brush edge were gone. This detailer’s tip is still unused. I used a 9mm Kuretake waterwell brush.     
 2 pm

5 pm

Blessed be. Be good in being. – U.S.

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