What? N.O. Part II


Lots of our budget problems are locked in, principal light AND long term. Terrible agreements reached in a more chummy time, obviously.

We need our budgets written right, right now. We need NO open-amount government contracts. All of these must be renegotiated to determine the sustainability of the produced good or offered service, and to examine the real tenability of the arrangement itself.

At present, there can be NO wasted dollars. Domestic needs require and demand compliance from manufacturers, especially fabricators of machinery and infrastructure.

Companies do sometimes devote significant proceeds to outreach. It is fast becoming a matter of corporate[‘]s ethics.

Given this, in the quagmire we’re in, why aren’t we admitting our responsibility to each other?

Earnings reports from NRG companies are billions a quarter.


There is a tremendous amount of encouraging news of cities and municipalities all over the country – and especially west of the Mississippi…

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