Doing the Math by Siouxsie Q

“We live in a capitalist society, where everything is assigned value. But the way our society values women just doesn’t add up.”

From the current SF Weekly cover story,

  50 Shades of Green By Siouxsie Q.

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50 Shades of Green -
Siouxsie Q’s cover feature for SF Weekly’s February 25th to March 2nd 2016 issue.
Financial Domination word problems (I know, math is the worst.)
1. If one woman has sex and receives $1,000, and another woman has sex and receives a slice of pizza and a ride home, which date was less expensive, or “cheaper?”
Solve: Why are women told that accepting money for sex somehow cheapens them when it does the exact opposite?
2. What is the cost of a woman’s virginity as it approaches absolute zero?
Solve: If a woman’s virginity is considered “priceless,” why is she also considered to be less valuable by society after she loses it?
3. Clients have to pay hundreds of dollars for my attention, but cute hipsters with a fetish for social justice sometimes get access to it for the cost of a dirty martini.
Solve: If I can charge for men’s attention in my professional life, why do I give it away for free in my personal life?

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