The Daredevil, or El Pichón

I count myself among the fortunate community members of San Francisco enjoying and inspired by recent developments in the daredevil population here. 

I caution, submit and extend, in the spirit of opportunity, to commuters and commercial interests: as you may know, many have observed the bird often called a pigeon weaving through traffic – in flight – and zipping by the windshields of oncoming, & especially fast, traffic.

What I’m saying is they have been leaping into traffic duty. What I am also saying is that they are, basically, communicating. Do accept their care for YOU and their friendship here and where you live!

I encourage you all not just to be mindful of civic iniatives and the will of the people against traffic fatalities and traffic accidents, but of the wonderful and peaceful time every life here wishes for you. Vision Zero policies are delivering huge results for community health, and it’s because of simple genuine attention on problems done together.

I, personally, will likely reserve future use of the word “pigeon” for the daredevils when served as a culinary dish. Maybe “pidge-hen” is a gender-neutral form for the daredevil, which as a species may currently have the gender designations “cock” and “hen”.


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