Forming Something True and Real

We are as people – within each of our cells, even – , as places and nation-states, incredibly light particles, entities with positives and minuses, at incredible distances forming something true and real. Our concerns draw us apart – and together. [Editor’s note: Bold text added April 8th 2016] Continue reading Forming Something True and Real

Reading Good…

…and even “Great!!!” Books- pretty sure the Holy Bible is on that list- if it ain’t, that’s what I be talking about.  The Holy Q’uran, it would follow logically, will also be on that list when I check it now? “[…]evil[…]: wealth hoarded to the harm of its owners[. …] When they have children there is nothing to inherit — Alberto Rivera (@h2Onotflammable) January 18, … Continue reading Reading Good…

Locating & Neutralizing our Inner Dumb Jock

Image: “Laverne Liberty”.January 12, 2016. Screenshot , The phenomenon, trend and experience of transsexuality is connected to every facet of our lives. Unfortunately, even the quality and cleanliness of food we eat may have a role. Fortunately, even mainstream media seems to be presenting a more encompassing tele-vision of America (healthier, too) on our airwaves and fibers. We all need to see different kinds of … Continue reading Locating & Neutralizing our Inner Dumb Jock

Enjoyment and Appreciation of Simple True Pleasures

Wet night here. Recorded 12 January 2016 at North Beach Branch Library, SFPL. Music: Tracks 19 and 20 from Heart Attack back to back. Faraway Love with Morgan Cousins.  Production: Krayola Spectrum and Various of Nuclear Family [ The Sandwich Makers ] Where Did We Go? Production: KG of Everyday Wondahs The class reminds me of one of my verses on Transmitting Live from the Crayon … Continue reading Enjoyment and Appreciation of Simple True Pleasures

Cleaning Up

Taggin #theFDA and #theFCC ( there was a Black guy heading there, too – one of Gen Powell's sons, Michael his name maybe – but I might be white; admittedly I ain't sure I've ever seen my mother's face) and #theDeptofJustice and #HomelandSecurity and get help from #theNationalOrgOnWomenNOW and #BlackGirlsCode and #SisterOutsider and #bellhooks and @ A photo posted by U S (@uzsmalls) on Jun … Continue reading Cleaning Up