Enjoyment and Appreciation of Simple True Pleasures

Wet night here.

Recorded 12 January 2016 at North Beach Branch Library, SFPL.

Music: Tracks 19 and 20 from Heart Attack back to back.

Faraway Love with Morgan Cousins. 

Production: Krayola Spectrum and Various of Nuclear Family [ The Sandwich Makers ]

Where Did We Go?

Production: KG of Everyday Wondahs
The class reminds me of one of my verses on Transmitting Live from the Crayon Box (2001/2002, Ruffnoxious Records)
Pardon the modern jargon

My Scorpio Moon in its autumn fallin

Regal eagle eye Audubonin

Everything I saw

Cacawed out a warning

I’ve come home out of orbit

Relate what I seen

and don’t right or wrong it



I’m tryna be cutting pictures

– and not with blunted scissors

Our town

Intertwined like spaghetti

and sauerkraut

Is a powerhouse

Humble circle of life rounded out

Concentric croppings –

crowd around

Structure needed, so we made a system-

knowing it take a village to raise up children.

Bless the vision given to us by Creator so we grow organic fruit instead of chewing Now or Laters….

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