Locating & Neutralizing our Inner Dumb Jock

Image: “Laverne Liberty”.January 12, 2016. Screenshot , LaverneCox.com

The phenomenon, trend and experience of transsexuality is connected to every facet of our lives. Unfortunately, even the quality and cleanliness of food we eat may have a role. Fortunately, even mainstream media seems to be presenting a more encompassing tele-vision of America (healthier, too) on our airwaves and fibers. We all need to see different kinds of faces – so that someone doesn’t psychologically incapacitate you with makeup.

Our experiences simply walking on the same street with someone who looks different – or really different – involve the same dynamics race, personal freedom, respecting our neighbors and raising healthy kids bring up.


I am certain no parent wants their child to cut their dick off cuz of pesticides.

I am a straight man who was raised in New York City, a lover of beautiful people and the act of making love. I’ve made love with self-described transsexual people. Honestly, I do not have the resources to tell you how many.

Two people have been direct/clear/descriptive/honest enough with me for me to be direct enough with you to say 2 people.  I spent much of my 20s writing and recording music all over Greenwich Village and downtown Manhattan, had friends all along the sex spectrum, and still had growing up to do in my 20s.

I can remember times I’ve disappointed friends with thoughtless talk and words. A writer named SMERK called me out one night (right in Greenwich Village). I said something thoughtless enough to get barked on. Wasn’t about his sexuality, either – he just told me it wasn’t right.

I’m still grateful.


To be honest, it only helped me cuz I cared. We hurt easy; even words do hurt people.

Maybe, you put enough smiles on people’s faces, the alternative isn’t worth the sloppiness….

For me, the experience helped me find the quote unquote dumb jock strand to my personality.

Track yourself:

  • Recognize it if/when you go dismissive – inside yourself – cuz of what someone has on their shoulders.
  • Find it, and decide if that’s the guy you wanna be everytime a stranger shows up.

    Amanda Lepore Twitter avi 011216
    Amanda Lepore. Twitter avatar, January 12, 2016.

Truly wishing us all well.


Brain Sex: http://www.amazon.com/Brain-Sex-Difference-Between-Women/dp/0385311834


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