Uninventing the Serial Killer (Formatted Text)


The New Physics

The “Criminal Minds” example  (Drama, CBS)

UNSUB (def.WAS “end” of trail in cops ‘n robbers / “Gotcha!” culture

  • USA: highest number of incarcerated people of any nation on Planet Earth (2.217 million, prisonstudies.org)


UNSUB NOW becomes

  1. hub of “pain tree” with a likely power abuse/boundary violation in UNSUB‘s personal history 
  2. indicator, not end of investigation
  3. visible as an afflicted aggrieved or assaulted soul 



UNSUB is the cheese,and the cheese stands alone.” 

  Cain (not Abel) / stain / demon 

  “X marks the spot… to bomb!”


The Applied Physics of the Above Scenario is :

~  “Locate.”  ~

~  “Neutralize.”  ~

~  “Attack! energy  ~


Our equal-in-value human lives as…

  1. Expressing / expressive of Images
  2. Tending toward wholeness with behavior ( even behaviors patho-logical in nature ) as the self-corrective gestures of
    • a wounded or damaged psyche, mind or person
    • a fixed or blocked mind constrained within an overly rigid mindset
  3. Hubs of even more Lives in a societal- and time-created, generative family tree


Applied Physics of this Second Scenario is :

~  Locate  ~

~  Stabilize/Nurse/Suture/Heal  ~

~  Hero / Filial / Agapic energy *  ~

*  a term coined by Freedom Fighter and Freedom Rider Diane Nash

On Agapic Energy



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