Doing the Math by Siouxsie Q

“We live in a capitalist society, where everything is assigned value. But the way our society values women just doesn’t add up.” From the current SF Weekly cover story,   50 Shades of Green By Siouxsie Q.  Please visit    Financial Domination word problems (I know, math is the worst.) 1. If one woman has sex and receives $1,000, and another woman has sex … Continue reading Doing the Math by Siouxsie Q

Cleaning Up

Taggin #theFDA and #theFCC ( there was a Black guy heading there, too – one of Gen Powell's sons, Michael his name maybe – but I might be white; admittedly I ain't sure I've ever seen my mother's face) and #theDeptofJustice and #HomelandSecurity and get help from #theNationalOrgOnWomenNOW and #BlackGirlsCode and #SisterOutsider and #bellhooks and @ A photo posted by U S (@uzsmalls) on Jun … Continue reading Cleaning Up

Connecting the Dots: From the U.N.’s Work with Small Island Developing States

UPDATE: 11 December 2015 SIDS Sustainable Development Framework released- Small Island implementation plan for SD Goals create a steering committee and annual accountability meeting, among other actions Social development in SIDS, Health and NCDs, Youth and Women 2 September, 15:00–18:00 Social development is a driving force for sustainable development and calls for a social capital framework based on community trust, social justice, social inclusion, … Continue reading Connecting the Dots: From the U.N.’s Work with Small Island Developing States

ARRange (Range, Arrange, A Range)

I will likely annotate these (flesh these out, un-(Tu?)pac these ideas, Tavis Smiley might say) on How We Double Down if I meet a real friend today. I am truly at the end of my rope. Beyond that, the idea that it’s a mental hospital or a sleeping bag and concrete (or the shelter with guilty celebs) with the pain i’m in is odious enough … Continue reading ARRange (Range, Arrange, A Range)