Bridging Generational Gaps 1 (On Unlived American Dreams)

There are many as yet unlived American dreams.

 Enjoyment of true freedom, of full work, of a safe home. 

Enjoyment of even breathing room – or of each other – eludes us in too many ways.

Industries like the prison pipeline and the genetically modified food pipeline lay to waste our most precious resource: you and I. The end result from this caliber of direction: illness, violence, un rest and dis ease.

We must change direction, improve the roads and paths we pursue and take part in, and must even transform as guides. The personal challenges American adults face in maintaining relevancy and expertise in the workplace and modern world are real. This means 

  1. We need to use existing, imperfect structures (Labor, Big Business, the FDA) to support and build out our new understanding as parents, guides and teachers- that we cannot ever stop learning, and that we deserve the absolute best. 
  2. “K-12” not only needs an overhaul in form and content, it needs to last and continue to serve us as adult workers and citizens; i.e., Self-development tools & systems must become as much a part of K-12 education as history & literature.
  3. Job Security and a Right To Work MUST become a more concrete American reality, so people aren’t afraid to share… who we basically are– what we know. …

…. and so no adult has to (seriously) look over their shoulder in fear cuz of our young people.
– Alberto Rivera

July 3, 2016

San Francisco Bay Area

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