Statement on Defense and Peace: Responding to the CNN GOP Presidential Debate on National Defense

On the 14-Mission bus. I caught some of the pre debate coverage and about 90 minutes of the debate on the iOS CNN app.

Also, let me add:

I am not comfortable with volunteering names, especially mothers’ names, like if I’m pushing them forward or together or something. I have my own complications to my own vision, because I have to name – and, shit, I’d better notice – that I am not even entirely sure of my own mother’s name.

I have considered the possibility I am simply needy for capital letter “Woman” in my life. In a perfect world, I would rather make music than – really, just about everything.

I have also done my best to factor in entrenched skewers of vision for the stereotypical “male”:

wanting to have a woman so she cuh clean up after you


everything’s actually fine; Albert just needs his mommy!


ego tripping, running the world in my head, like if I’m Jonah mad nobody died (a book really worth reading. Tiny book near the end of the Old Testament.)

Having included awareness of these pitfalls, I still think it would be excellent for us as a nation to give the floor to our homemakers precisely now.

Wom*n are tremendous at beautification. This is serious cleaning up and serious growing up we have – and HAVE to do. – right in front of us – which is actually a lot of fun together.

I will continue to do everything I can to encourage, celebrate, honor and empower wom*n with what I do – as a man given the name Alberto Rivera Morales, as U.S., and as the son of a wom*n.

Thank you for reading this. From what I see of how they’re dressing at the debates, the guys are all blocking for the female candidate. That is fine – please put me on line. If there is in fact a field, I certainly am not shy;

I personally extend a job offer to every candidate running if I am elected (and no, I have not filled out the candidacy form I printed out, nor – to my knowledge – have I raised or secured the requisite funds to be eligible given the current election rules – 1433 candidates, 16 December 2015).

We will be hiring.

Ladies and sirs, first – thank you. I refuse to lose someone with the courage to be stripped bare and chewed on by others in front of others. If this were Rome, conditions would likely be different -especially for Christians.

We absolutely need every capable person, and, most essential to peace, we need every person capable.  If not, I would still challenge you to find a more direct way to impact your American community- I will be right there to give YOU the floor to make our team better. Blessed be.

From some research on IFIs:

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