Americans across the nation declare their candidacy and fitness for leadership: Show Your Tell

Eight years ago, I wrote to the candidate who became President, Barack Hussein Obama. I urged him not to contribute to the “all talk” approach of the politigentsia (the politicos so entrenched they are nearly a ruling class) by wasting money on ads, when Black people (in the racialized, unfair America in which I was raised) and small towns were in such a desperate state.

This same “all talk” approach is what America itself has presented to the world, talking freedom while its poor and dark people prop up the descendants of what is now known were cruel sociopaths. And also this American nation’s forefathers.

I also urged the man who became President to find the PEOPLE most affected by Hurricane Katrina to mitigate the damage being done to their – and our – lives by neglect. Also, I urged him to convince domestic corporate entities to “honor” their father and mother- us – and reinvest in what made them great – us.

What can the billions of dollars invested in ABC, CBS, and cable (and merch) do for Black children’s asthma rates? (as just one indicator of the grave inequality today… TODAY)

My message to the candidates, as an ‘erican (been poor so long, I dunno if I Am)….

Show your tell – for God’s sake!

– U.S. (the american dream)

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