On Capitalism (Updated)

1 update to this post: “Brand” Cultivation – a perfect example of an idea with vestiges of slavery and inhumanity to it, requiring a collective (meaning all of us) embrace of more suitable language Originally published June 17th 2015 at Howwedoubledown.wordpress.com Capitalism is indeed an economic development and way with elements and principles which emphasize growth and cultivation. Our challenge today is discovering, distilling and … Continue reading On Capitalism (Updated)

Cleaning Up

Taggin #theFDA and #theFCC ( there was a Black guy heading there, too – one of Gen Powell's sons, Michael his name maybe – but I might be white; admittedly I ain't sure I've ever seen my mother's face) and #theDeptofJustice and #HomelandSecurity and get help from #theNationalOrgOnWomenNOW and #BlackGirlsCode and #SisterOutsider and #bellhooks and @ A photo posted by U S (@uzsmalls) on Jun … Continue reading Cleaning Up

Continuing aDult Education is Fiber, Guys! (c,d,e,f,g)

Heard recently that, though only 2% of the so-called “body” ‘s mass, the brain’s workings are responsible for 25% of our calories burned. Wishing you all, the world over, clean fuel and clear hearts and true facts and sound reason – and not ANY less. “The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New”~>@kristynazdot on Medium Continue reading Continuing aDult Education is Fiber, Guys! (c,d,e,f,g)

Twitter as an educational tool – “#Or a desk”

January 13, 2015 Hey Joel – It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. As I mentioned, I have put a ton of thought into ways Twitter can grow. As a person who cares deeply about the empowerment and education of youth, I believe your service can become even more relevant in the lives of users everywhere. Twitter seems to me to truly want the … Continue reading Twitter as an educational tool – “#Or a desk”